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Images from thread
Unique handmade artwork.
Each image is created from one continuous thread.
Give yourself or your loved ones an original home decorating gift!
Worldwide shipping.
The Philosophy of the Works
Our life is a succession of non-random accidents.

We live in the here and now, so we often do not think about it. It is only later that we see the story of our life like an open book, like a picture.

And what I want to capture is just that—a picture of you, your life, your favourite moment, your emotions.
How are the art-canvases made?

I use kilometers of synthetic thread. A large number of crossings and overlaps creates the feeling of depth in the image, so that you want to spend a long time looking at it. The smooth surface of the thread creates a beautiful play of light and does not collect dust.

Stainless steel studs are placed around the outside. They will not rust with time.

White canvas on a 74x74 cm wooden base.

The materials are selected to provide you nothing but pleasure, with no need to worry about looking after it.

PS. Unfortunately, the depth of the picture cannot be conveyed in a photo or video. Therefore, I want to warn you that in reality the picture has much more of a sense of volume and space than you can see on the site now.

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Question - Answer
How much does it cost?

The price depends on the complexity of the image. The average is 350 euros.
How is the picture packed?

In a sturdy five-layer cardboard box. This type of box is convenient for giving a picture as a gift, and can be safely shipped by any means of transport (even by air).
How to hang the picture on the wall?
I will include the correct fasteners for your picture in the box.
How to look after the picture?

The picture does not require any special care. You can occasionally wipe the white surface with a dry cloth. Do not vacuum under any circumstances!
How to order a work?
You place a request to commission a piece of work
I contact you and we discuss the details
I work on a sketch
Together with you, we make adjustments and agree the future work.
I create the art-canvas
On average, I need 7-10 days to work.
I deliver you your picture
For residents of Cyprus, delivery is free.
Place a request
Telegram / WhatApp / Viber: +375 29 370 50 11
Telephone in Cyprus: +357 97 834 879

Limassol, Cyprus