Thread-portrait STRING THEORY -
a gift from which your loved one will be delighted!
For pre-order 45 days before X day discount -10%
What problems do we face when choosing a gift for a loved one:
- she/he already has everything, even a star named after her/him;

- you have run out of ideas on how to pleasantly surprise your loved one;

- you want to make a simple and original gift
My name is Katerina, and I help people make unforgettable gifts for their loved ones - unique thread-canvases or portraits
How much does a thread-portrait cost?
It depends on the degree of your "I want"
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Important issues have been resolved,
now I want to tell you what
thread-canvases STRING THEORY are.
My name is Katerina Burachevskaya. Nice to meet!

I have been creating thread-pictures
since 2017.

What is their uniqueness: due to the numerous intersections of one continuous thread, a pattern is born. In my work, I use a special thread that, in direct light, sparkles like a scattering of diamonds.

The materials are selected in such a way that the picture fascinates and is passed on from generation to generation.

Each painting has a simple philosophy:
Our life is a series of non-random accidents.

Being here and now, we often do not think about it. Only after a while we see the history of our life as an open book, as a picture.

I can create such a picture for you.

As a reminder of warm moments and people nearby.

As a reminder that we create our own beautiful history.

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